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The Apology by Plato

The Apology by Plato

In which we do not apologize.

Plato is one of the towering figures in the world of philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead infamously called all of Western philosophy a series of footnotes to Plato.

In this episode, we discuss Plato’s Apology. This dialogue is a great introduction to reading Plato. For one, it is much shorter than texts like Republic. It is also dialectically straightforward — since most of the text is a monologue from Socrates, it can be easier to grasp the structure of the arguments. And finally, it is emotionally engaging in a way that some of Plato’s other dialogues are not.

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Wesley: ‘Gorgias’ by Plato and Plato’s Philosophers by Catherine Zuckert

Jared: ‘Timaeus’ by Plato and Anathem by Neil Stephenson

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